Section Goals

 Raise the level of graduates in the field of orchards with different specialties fruits, vegetables and decorations.

Graduating qualified cadres that meet the requirements and needs of the Egyptian labor market from trained technical workers who have the ability to compete locally, regionally and internationally in the field of orchards.

Providing scientific expertise in the field of orchards.

Solving agricultural problems in the community in light of the preservation of the environment.

Developing teaching courses related to fruits, vegetables and decorations to cope with modern scientific trends.

Training students on roads and various means to improve the productivity and quality of horticultural crops and protect them from infection of pathogens and insects.
Developing students' mental skills to solve problems related to the productivity of horticultural crops.

Education for the production of new varieties and hybrids is superior in quantity and quality.

Continuing development of the department's research plans in line with global scientific developments.