Section Goals

 The Department aims to develop students' learning abilities and skills in the field of agricultural biochemistry.

Providing the human productive society with a graduate who has the ability to develop and control the quality of his products.

Preparing scientifically qualified competencies to meet the needs of development plans in line with the scientific progress and requirements of the community.

Conducting applied scientific studies and researches in the field of agricultural biochemistry to serve agricultural development.

The department works in its future vision to provide the members of the teaching body, from the supporting body to the professor in the field of agricultural biochemistry in accordance with the quality standards of education and academic accreditation. Also interested in the processing of laboratories for the training and rehabilitation of undergraduate and postgraduate students so that they are fully aware of the different methods of analysis. The possibility of finding research projects between the department and the local and international research bodies. Preparation and rehabilitation of a distinguished graduate in the field of analysis of all related to the science of biochemistry Agriculture and related sciences.