Section vision

  The Department of Agricultural Economics is one of the leading scientific departments at the level of the faculties of agriculture in Egypt and the Arab world, in addition to being one of the leading departments in the faculty. In addition, it is a service department that serves all departments in the college. Since its inception, the Department has undergone many developments and changes to cope with the rapid development of the agricultural economy. This section is concerned with studying the economic aspects of the agricultural sector and the issues related to the production and marketing of agricultural products by providing graduates with theoretical and practical background that combines agricultural sciences and management skills to enable them to manage agricultural projects, analyze their problems and provide solutions to them, and provide consultation and services related to agricultural commodities, and contribute to the formulation of economic policies of the state in the agricultural field.
The Agricultural Economy Department strives to be distinguished in its specialization and to become one of the most important and distinguished sources in education, scientific research and community service through providing educational, research and consulting services to achieve excellence for its graduates in the light of local and international competition and the preparation of specialized scientific cadres Which meet the requirements of the labor market.